Customizable options

by Admin on Feb 04, 2024

1. What are customizable options?

You can elevate your product customization with Eurus' unique Customizable Options feature. Unlike Shopify's default settings, each product is restricted to a maximum of 3 options to create variants. Additionally, these options are limited to the select format.

Eurus enables admins to add multiple Customizable Option blocks to a single product. You can create a personalized shopping experience by selecting the type and quantity of Customizable Option blocks for each product. Details gathered through Customizable Options integrate into the cart, checkout, and order processes, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

Eurus stands out as the only theme offering such extensive Customizable Options. Say goodbye to the need for additional Shopify apps!

2. Types of customizable options

Here are the types of customizable options in Eurus theme

- TextAllow customers to input custom text information about the product. Ideal for adding personalized text, such as engraving messages or custom labels. Text Options include:

  • Text field
  • Text editor
- Select: Enable customers to choose from a list of options. Perfect for product configurations with a single-choice or multiple selection, like size or material. Select Options include:
    • Checkbox
    • Dropdown
    • Radio button
    - File Upload: Permit customers to upload files. Useful for products where customers can provide specific files or images, such as custom designs or personal photos.
    - SwatchesDisplay color or text swatches for customers to select from. Swatches Option include:
      • Color swatch
      • Text swatch
      - Color PickerEnable customers to pick a color using a color picker tool. Essential for products with color variations, allowing customers to visualize and choose their preferred color.
      - Date & Time: Allow customers to select a date, time, or both for a product. Commonly used for event-related products or services where customers need to specify a date or time.

      The customizable options feature in Eurus theme offer a diverse range of choices to enhance the shopping experience for customers. This flexibility empowers admin to create engaging and personalized product offerings, ultimately enriching the overall shopping experience for customers.

      3. How to set up customizable options?

        • Open the theme editor and navigate to the "Theme Sections”.
        • In the "Product Information" section, add the "Customizable Options" block.
        • Select the option type that best suits the customization needs of your product.
        • In the "Option Name" configuration, provide a unique name for the customization option.
        • Check the "Mark as Required" box if customers must select the customizable option in order to add the product to cart and checkout.
        • You can also add a note or explanation for text options, select options, and file upload.

        Then, set up based on the chosen option type:

        a) Text options: 

        Apply to Text type options such as Text field and Text editor. Input the maximum number of characters required in the "Maximum character length" field. This is only applicable if the option is required.


          b) Select options: 

          Apply to Checkbox, Dropdown, and Radio button options. Input values for Select type options in the "Option values" field, separated by a semicolon (e.g., Polo;V-Neck;Boat Neck). You can also set minimum/maximum values required to be selected, applicable only for Checkbox when the option is required.



            c) File upload: 

            Customers can upload a file in the "drop your file here, or browse" field (max file size 5MB).


              d) Swatches: 

              Input values for text swatch or color swatch options here. Each value should be on one line. For color swatch, input in 'option name:color code' format (e.g., White:#FFFFFF). You can select swatch style (round/squared), only applicable to color swatch and color picker options.


                e) Date & Time: 

                Admins can set up the earliest/latest allowed date. Users are only allowed to pick a date & time within this specified range. (Date format: YYYY-MM-DD).


                  4. Limitations

                    While this feature in Eurus Theme significantly enhances the product personalization experience, it's important to note a limitation: Customizable Options do not make any change to product prices and do not support the individual tracking of inventory for each customization option.

                    Our team is actively researching and developing solutions to address this limitation, providing a more comprehensive inventory tracking feature.