by Admin on Apr 11, 2024

1. What is video?

A video section is a part designed to embed and display a video. It is used when the goal is to have visitors concentrate on the video content without the additional elements that might be present in a video hero section. This section is ideal for detailed product demonstrations, in-depth tutorials, or any content that requires the viewer's full attention.

2. How to add video to the section?

To enhance your section with engaging video content, follow these steps to add and customize a video:


  • Provide a heading for the video section.
  • Set the size of the heading, ranging from 50% to 200%.
  • Add a smaller subheading to display under the main heading.

Cover Image: 

  • Choose an image from your library to set as the cover of the video.
  • This cover image will appear before the customer clicks play, making it an excellent opportunity to show promotions or catch attention. By selecting a visually appealing and relevant image, you can effectively draw in viewers and create a strong first impression.

Video Source Options

  • Click the Select video button to choose a video from your store’s data.
  •  If you prefer not to choose a video from your store’s data, you can use an existing video from YouTube or Vimeo by pasting the URL of the video. If both a Shopify-hosted video and an embedded URL are provided, the embedded URL will take priority.
  • Provide alternative text for the video to improve accessibility and SEO.

Layout and Appearance: Tick the checkbox “Make Section Full Width” to make the video's width span the full width of the user’s device. If disabled, the video’s width will match the page width set in the theme settings.