Custom Liquid

by Admin on Apr 11, 2024


The Custom Liquid section allows you to add custom Liquid code directly into your theme. This powerful feature lets you create highly customized content and functionality on your Shopify store.

Use the Custom Liquid section when you need to:

  • Add custom text, products, collection templates, images, or other custom elements that are not available through the standard Shopify settings.
  • Implement advanced customizations that require specific Liquid code.
  • Create dynamic content that changes based on specific conditions or inputs.

To add the Section, please follow these simple steps:

  • In your Shopify admin, go to the theme editor. Click on the “Add section” button in the left-hand navigation bar and search for Custom Liquid.
  • Once you add the Custom Liquid section, a textbox will appear on the right-hand side where you can enter your Liquid code. This code can include a wide range of elements, from simple text to complex dynamic content.
  • With Liquid, you can: Display text or HTML content; Embed products, collections, and other store data dynamically…

Support and Tips:

  • Technical Support: If you need assistance with technical issues or customizations, contact Eurus theme support.
  • Tips: One of the significant benefits of using the Custom Liquid section is that your customizations will not be lost when the theme is updated. This ensures that your store maintains its unique customizations without the risk of losing them during updates.