by Admin on May 27, 2024

The Page section allows you to directly add the content of one page into the template of any other page. This is particularly convenient when you have content that needs to be reused across multiple pages. Admins do not need to recreate sections or text on different pages, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Key Configurations

  • Choose which page's content you want to display in this section. This allows for seamless integration of pre-existing content into new templates.
  • Tick the checkbox “Make section full width”  to set the section’s width to match the full width of the user's device. 
  • Tick the checkbox “Show section divider”  to display a divider that separates this section from the one above it.
  • Customize the padding for desktop and mobile devices to ensure optimal display

Note: The heading of a page used as a section should not be set as H1, as it may conflict with the H1 of the main page where the section is added. To avoid SEO issues, ensure that there is only one H1 tag per page.