Mobile navigation

by Admin on May 03, 2024

1. What is mobile navigation?

Mobile navigation refers to the menu system specifically designed and optimized for display on mobile devices. Usually, the mobile menu is a responsive version of the desktop menu, which includes buttons, icons, and menus. In the case of Eurus theme, it offers the flexibility to create a separate menu compared to the desktop menu, tailored to enhance user experience and navigation efficiency on mobile platforms.

2. How to create menu items on mobile?

To create menu items on mobile, please follow these step:

In the Header section group, add the "Mobile Navigation" section.

a) Approach 1: 

In section settings, select the menu and display up to a maximum of 3 levels as default. To show a 4-level menu, leave this field blank.

b) Approach 2: 

Add menu blocks, enter the menu name, and select the menu (or enter menu link). Shopify menus support only up to 3 levels. However, with this setting of Eurus theme, you can set up to a maximum of 4 levels.

Note: If at least one menu block is added, the menu selection within the section settings will not take effect.

3. How to show cart and account icons on mobile?

  • To display the cart and account icons on mobile: Add the "Cart" and "Account and log in" blocks to the desired section. No customizable settings available for those blocks.

  • To configure the language and currency selectors and apply styling:

Enable "Show language selector" and "Show currency selector" options in the theme settings.

Customize the appearance of the selectors using the available styling options such as color, configurations in theme settings, custom CSS.

  • Additionally, you can show other content such as custom text, or images by adding corresponding blocks.

Block image for mobile navigation:

Block text for mobile navigation: