Event Calendar

by Admin on Jan 26, 2024

1. Overview

Elevate your storefront with the Event Calendar section, a dynamic tool designed to showcase your events, promotions, announcements, and product releases. This feature has several prominent benefits such as:

  • Allow you to effectively communicate important dates and engage your audience with upcoming activities.
    Link products to your events and sell them as tickets, creating a seamless shopping experience.
  • Provide map directions and event details to help attendees easily locate and participate in your events.
  • Allow users to add events to their personal calendars, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with upcoming activities.
  • Enable users to confirm their attendance and manage event capacity.


2. How to set up events on the storefront?

Follow these steps to simply set up events in the Event Calendar section:

a) Event Details:

    Provide essential information such as the event name, date, and time. Optionally, include the event location. There's an option to display both start and end times, ensuring flexibility for events spanning multiple days.

    b) Description:

      Craft a concise description that will be showcased on the event card. Users can click "View More" to access additional details. The button label can be customized for a personalized touch.

      c) Direct Calendar Integration:

        Store owners can enable the feature that allows customers to add the event directly to their calendars. This can be particularly convenient for users with busy schedules. Please check more thoroughly in the following section.

        3. How can customers add the event directly to their calendar?

        Discover the uniqueness of our event calendar feature, enabling customers to easily add comprehensive event details, including names, dates, and locations,... directly to their calendars.

        This functionality extends across various platforms, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo and Ical, streamlining the process without the need for additional calendar apps.