by Admin on Apr 01, 2024

1. What is Footer?

The footer is a section typically found at the bottom of a webpage. It provides valuable information and navigation options for users, often including links to important pages such as the about us, contact, terms of service, and privacy policy. 

Additionally, the footer may contain social media icons, newsletter signup forms, copyright information, and other relevant details about the website or company. In essence, the footer acts as a navigational aid and a space for essential site information, enhancing user experience and providing easy access to key resources.

2. How to set up the footer?

To set up the footer, follow these steps:

a) Show localization selector, payment icons, social icons:

Language and Currency:

  • Enable "Show Language Selector" to let users pick their preferred language.
  • Enable "Show Currency Selector" to allow users to select their preferred currency.
  • Choose “Show Payment Icons: “ to display payment icons. 
  • The copyright format includes the current year and store name. If left empty, only the default copyright is shown.
  • Enable “Show Social Icons” to display social media icons.

b) Adding Content to the Footer:

Eurus theme comprises 5 types of blocks in Footer section: Image, Newsletter, Menu, Contact and Custom Text, each offering distinct functionalities to enhance the footer's utility and aesthetics. To set up each block, please follow these steps:


  • Click the "Select image" button to choose an image from your library.
  • Adjust the image width using the scrollbar.
  • Enter the link where users will be redirected when they click the image.
  • Adjust the image alignment on large screens.
  • Enable social icons. (To show social icons footer-wide, enable social icons in section setting)
  • You can also edit additional information and block spacing.


  • Enter the heading for the newsletter block.
  • Add custom text below the email form.
  • To show social icons footer-wide, enable social icons in section settings.


  • Add a new menu section to the footer by clicking "Add block" and selecting "Menu."
  • Choose the menu you want to display.

Custom Text:

  • Add a new custom text block by clicking "Add block" and selecting "Custom text."
  • Enter the heading for the text block.
  • Add custom text below the heading.
  • You can also add an image for this block and adjust image width.


  • In the contact block, you can input up to three lines of text. 
  • For each line, you have the option to customize the icon, add a custom icon, include a heading, insert text, and provide a text link. 
  • This allows for concise and informative contact information to be displayed in the footer section of the website.

By following these steps, you can customize the footer of your website to include various types of content and provide important information to your visitors.

3. How to hide "Powered by Shopify" text?

Hiding the Shopify attribution allows you to personalize your website fully, giving you complete control over the branding and messaging displayed to your audience. Please follow these steps:
Go to Theme editor > Footer > untick the Show "Powered by Shopify" text setting

4. How to customize the Copyright information?

Go to Theme editor > Footer > tick the Show copyright text setting. After that, you can input your desired copyright information or any additional text you want to display along with the copyright symbol in the “Additional copyright text” setting.