Scroll to Top

by Admin on Mar 12, 2024

The Scroll to Top button is a handy feature in the Eurus theme that provides users with a smooth and quick way to return to the top of a webpage. This enhances the overall user experience by eliminating the need for manual scrolling.

The Scroll to Top button can be easily enabled for both desktop and mobile devices. Admins have the flexibility to tailor the user experience based on the platform.

By default, the Scroll to Top button icon is an arrow. However, admins can personalize this icon to better align with their brand or design preferences. This customization is achieved through the use of the Custom SVG config. For assistance with custom SVG code or fixing issues that arise from custom SVG code, please contact our support.

Tips: When setting up the Scroll to Top button, it's essential to be mindful of other elements present on the webpage, such as chat widgets or popups. Ensuring these elements do not obstruct the button enhances visibility and functionality.