Advanced - Related Collections

by Admin on Jan 31, 2024

1. What are related collections?

Related Collections is a unique section in Eurus, providing smart suggestions on your collection pages. They are added to collection pages by default, but you can also remove or hide them if needed.

This section is exclusively available for addition to collection pages, intelligently displaying collections that either share common products or are manually set up by the admin. This feature aims to boost promotions, increase customer engagement, and conveniently guide users to discover relevant product assortments within your online store.

2. How does Eurus Theme's smart collection suggestion work?

    The collections displayed in the Related Collection section are gathered from all the collections that the products on the current page belong to, except for the collection of the current page itself.

    In simpler terms, if a product is linked to multiple collections, those collections (except the one of the current page) will be suggested in the Related Collection section. This ensures that customers receive recommendations based on shared products, providing a convenient and engaging browsing experience.


    Let's consider a collection called "Makeup" that contains three products: Lipstick A, B, C

    • Lipstick A also belongs to the "Lipstick" collection.
    • Lipstick B also belongs to the "Eyes & Lips" collection.
    • Lipstick C also belongs to the "New Arrivals" collection.

    In the Related Collection section within the Makeup collection page, you would find three suggested collections: "Lipstick," "Eyes & Lips," and "New Arrivals." These suggestions are derived from the shared collections of products within the Makeup collection, excluding the Makeup collection itself.

    3. [Advanced] Add related collections manually for each collection page

      If you want to manage related collections for a specific collection or the entire collection of your store, set up metafields following the instructions below:

      Step 1: Create a Collection Metafield

      • Navigate to your Shopify admin.
      • In the left-hand menu, go to "Settings" and select "Custom data."
      • Select Collection then click on "Add definition" to create a new metafield.
      • Set the key as "related_collections" and choose the type as "Collection (List of collections)". The key must be accurate; otherwise, the metafield may not display as intended.
      • Save the metafield definition.

      Step 2: Assign Collections to the Metafield

      • Go to the Collections section in your Shopify admin.
      • Edit each collection page (or bulk edit)  where you want to showcase related collections using metafield.
      • Look for the newly created metafield "related_collections."
      • Select the collections you want to display in the Related Collections section.
      • Save the changes for each collection.

      Note: If no metafield data is found, the theme detects the related collections automatically based on the collections of the product in the current collection (follow the rules in the above part: How does Eurus Theme's smart collection suggestion work?)

      For more details, please refer to our video guide.


      By following these steps, you've successfully created a metafield to manage related collections. Now, whenever you edit a collection page, you can handpick the collections you want to feature in the Related Collection section. This provides a customized and curated experience for your customers, enhancing their journey on your online store.