by Admin on Mar 04, 2024

1. How to change product card image ratio?

Open the Theme Editor and in the Theme Settings, select the Products section.

For the option labeled “Products Image Ratio”, Product card image ratio can be adjusted from the available options, including Natural (original ratio), Square (1:1), Landscape (4:3), Portrait (2:3), and Wide (16:9), to customize the visual presentation of your product images.

Natural (original ratio)

Square (1:1)

Landscape (4:3)

Portrait (2:3) 

Wide (16:9)

Standard (3:4)

2. How to alter the inventory stock status?

The low stock threshold serves as a predefined limit set by the retailer or admin to determine when a product's stock level is considered low. When the quantity of a particular product falls below the specified threshold, it triggers notifications or alerts to prompt actions such as restocking or reordering.

Look for the config "Low Stock Threshold."

Adjust the low stock threshold according to your preference. This threshold can typically be set within the range of 1 to 20 units.