by Admin on Mar 05, 2024

This guide will walk you through various functions and configs available within the Cart section (Minicart & cart page).

Open the Theme Editor and navigate to the Theme Settings. Then, select the Cart section.

1. How to show a mini cart as a popup?

Eurus theme provides two options for presenting the minicart: drawer and popup, with the default setting being the drawer style. 

Popup type:

Drawer type:

Additionally, if you wish to hide the "View Cart" button, simply tick the "Hide 'View Cart" button" option within the config settings. This config prevents customers from accessing the cart page. 


If the tracking data shows that many users go directly from the minicart to the checkout page, using this feature can eliminate one step, making the checkout process smoother and reducing cart abandonment rates.

2. How to show cart note/cart instructions in mini cart and cart page?

Cart note is a feature designed to allow customers to input additional notes during the ordering process. These notes are then stored within the order information in the backend, enabling the admin to review and act accordingly.

To activate this feature, simply tick the "Enable cart note" config.

In the backend:

3. How to show terms and condition checkbox in minicart/cart page?

"Terms and Conditions Checkbox" serves the same purpose as in any other online platform. It is used during the checkout process to ensure that customers actively acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, or any other legal agreements before they can proceed with a purchase. 

To enable it in the Eurus theme, you just need to tick the "Enable terms and conditions checkbox" config. Additionally, you should add a page for the terms and conditions. Click the "Select page" button to choose the link that leads to your terms and conditions page.

4. How to modify the "Continue shopping" link when the cart is empty?

Locate the "Continue shopping" option. You can select a link that directs users to products, collections, or any preferred page.


By customizing minicart styles, enabling features like cart notes, and configuring the "Continue Shopping" link, you can tailor the cart and minicart section to match your brand and improve user convenience. These features not only help create an attractive cart interface but also streamline functionality to meet the specific needs of your e-commerce platform.