Promotion banner

by Admin on Apr 15, 2024

1. What is a promotion banner?

A promotion banner is a visual element displayed to highlight special offers, promotions, or events. It typically includes attention-grabbing graphics, text, and sometimes buttons or links to direct users to specific actions or pages.

Promotion banners serve several purposes, including:

  • Banners can feature branding elements such as logos, colors, and slogans, helping to reinforce brand identity and recognition.
  • They often include clickable elements that direct users to relevant pages, such as product collections, landing pages, or promotional events.

2. How to show multiple images on the banner?

To display multiple images on the banner, follow these steps:

  • Look for an option to add images to the banner. Typically, you'll be able to upload multiple images directly from your device's storage or choose from existing images in your media library.
  • Upload the images you want to include in the banner. you can add up to three images for desktop and one image for mobile devices.

If you want to link the banner to a specific page or URL, find the option to add a link: “Banner link”. Enter the URL you want to link to, and make sure to set it to open in a new window if desired.

By following these steps, you can showcase multiple images on the banner section of your website, enhancing its visual appeal and engaging visitors with compelling imagery.

3. Use slideshow as page hero section

Enabling the "Use as hero" option in the promotion banner settings allows you to make the banner stand out as the main section at the top of a page. This gives you the ability to use the banner's eye-catching design to create an engaging introduction to your page content.
Keep in mind that images used in the hero section won't be lazy-loaded, with the aim of preventing an increase in page load times and minimizing any negative impact on user experience (UX), so it's best to limit having only one hero section per page to avoid impacting performance.

4. How to add content for the banner?

To add content to the promotion banner, follow these steps:

  • Add images for the banner by selecting the appropriate images for desktop and mobile devices. You can add up to three images for desktop and one for mobile.
  • Specify the banner link, which determines where users will be redirected when they click on the image.
  • Customize the appearance of the images by adjusting settings like overlay opacity, position, and alignment.
  • Some elements of the banner can be customized through various blocks, allowing for the rearrangement of block positions to suit your preferences.
    • Block “Text”: Configure text content by entering the heading, subheading, and main text for the banner. You can adjust the size of the heading and text, choose the text box type and color, and add a frame if desired.
    • Block “Buttons”: Set up buttons by providing labels and links for up to two buttons. You can customize the button colors and text styles, including hover effects.
  • Block “Banner menu”: Add a banner menu block to your banner section. This block can be utilized to display featured collections, provide additional navigation options, and more. Select the menu that you want to display from your existing menus. Then, adjust the menu text size to your preference using the available settings.
  • 5. How to show the flash sale countdown timer on the banner?

    To show the flash sale countdown timer on the banner, follow these steps:

    • Add a countdown timer block to the banner.
    • Configure the countdown timer block by selecting the appropriate time zone for scheduling the announcement. Choose the date and time for the timer to countdown to, specifying the year, month, day, hour, and minute. Ensure that the time selected is in the future, as the section will count down the time from the setup date to the present date.
    • Customize the appearance of the countdown timer by selecting the desired colors for the timer itself, the text, and the background. Choose between light and dark color schemes to compliment your banner design.

    By adding and configuring the countdown timer block with these settings, you can display a visually striking and informative countdown to your flash sale on the banner.