Flash sale

by Admin on Mar 14, 2024

1. What is the flash sale section?

The Flash Sale section is a part of the website designed to display information about products or collections that are currently discounted for a limited period, often as part of a promotional campaign.

Store owners can use this section to showcase discounted products or collections, as well as indicate the duration of the sale, thereby creating a sense of urgency for customers to make immediate purchases.

2. How to set up the flash sale section? 

In the Theme editor, navigate to Theme sections, select your desired page, and under the "Template" section group, add the Flash sale section to your preferred location.

a) Customizing Design and Content:

To make the Flash Sale section look just right, please use these configs:

  • You can add pictures and change how it looks (for both desktop image and mobile image) and make the pictures dimmer or brighter by editting the opacity of the image overlay

  • You can change how close or far apart things are and add extra space around them by using configs of layout, spacing and padding.
  • You can also pick the colors you like for the section border and background to match your website's style. Eurus has a color pattern for both light mode and dark mode in this section.

b) Configuring Block Elements:

With 3 blocks of this section, you can adjust these things:

  • “Text” Block: Edit the heading, heading size, and accompanying text to effectively communicate the essence of the flash sale. You can also embed discount codes within the text box to incentivize purchases.



  • “Countdown Timer” Block: Insert a countdown timer to signify the remaining duration of the flash sale, fostering a sense of urgency among potential buyers. Customize the time zone, end date, and styling options like line and border settings, overlay opacity, style variations, and layout preferences.

Overlay opacity 0%

Overlay opacity 50%

  • “Button” Block: Create and customize a call-to-action button with an enticing label prompting users to take action, such as "Shop Now" or "View Collection." Configure the button link to redirect users to relevant product pages, collection pages, or any desired destination. Additionally, select suitable color schemes for the button to enhance visibility and encourage clicks.


  • Read the "Section Layout" guide to make sure everything looks good on both computers and phones.
  • Test the Flashsale section on different devices to make sure it works well for everyone.