Featured Collections

by Admin on Apr 04, 2024

1. What are featured collections?

The Featured Collections section serves as a spotlight for the most notable collections on the site. It provides visitors with curated selections or complete collections, enabling easy exploration of products aligned with their interests.

Eurus theme provides the flexibility to showcase up to three featured collections within this section. Each collection can feature up to 20 products, providing a comprehensive overview of the highlighted categories.

2. How to set up featured collections?

To set up featured collections, please follow these simple steps:
Open the Theme editor and navigate to the Template group section. Then, enable the Featured collections section.

a) Setup display:

  • In this section, admin can:
    Enter the title for the section, adjust the size of the heading and align the heading text as desired.
  • Enable slider function on desktop if desired.
  • Choose the number of products displayed per row. Then, adjust the number of product rows shown on desktop devices.
  • Configure product display settings for mobile devices.

b) Select collections

You can also add up to 3 collections. For each collection, you can:

  • Select the collection to be featured. Choose to show or hide the collection’s description.
  • Enter a custom description for the collection if needed.
  • Configure options such as showing vendor name and product rating.
  • Enable a title card and customize its appearance and content. The title card is used to provide additional information about promotions, sales, or details regarding the selected collection.
  • Enter the label for the button, if applicable. Set the link for the button, if applicable.
  • Customize colors for background, text, button, and more.

Title card settings: