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Shopify Compatible Payments

by Admin on Jun 27, 2024

1. Payment options: What works best for You?

This guide explains how payment compatibility works with the Eurus Theme, covering various scenarios depending on eligibility for Shopify Payments.


If Your Store is…

Supported payment methods


eligible for Shopify Payments


not eligible for Shopify Payments

Third-party payment gateways are integrated through private or public apps available on the Shopify App Store.

How to know if my store is eligible for Shopify payments?

Your bank account must meet certain criteria to receive payouts from Shopify Payments:

2. How to display the payment icon on my store?

To build customer confidence, Eurus automatically displays the icons of the Shopify Payments methods you've activated. This helps shoppers see their preferred option right away.

a) Activate Payment Methods: 

Ensure the payment methods you want to display are activated in your Shopify admin.

b) Steps to add Payment icons for Eurus Theme:

Step 1: Go to the Theme Editor

Step 2: Choose the Footer section.

Step 3: Check the Show payment icons checkbox.

Step 4: Click Save.

📍 Note: 

Because of Shopify's default setting, the theme will display a fixed set of activated payment icons. To change the icons shown, you can contact our support team for assistance.

c) Supported Icons: 

You can find supported icons here:  Active Merchant Payment Icons Repository

For more detailed information and specific integration steps, always refer to the official Shopify documentation and resources.