Free shipping bar

by Admin on Mar 12, 2024

The Free Shipping Bar feature in Eurus Theme helps communicate to customers how close they are to qualifying for free shipping, encouraging them to add more items to their cart. 

By keeping customers informed about the benefits of reaching the free shipping threshold, the Free Shipping Bar contributes to increased order values and customer satisfaction.

Here's a quick guide on setting it up:

Step 1: Before using the Free Shipping Bar, set up a free shipping rule in your Shopify admin. Refer to the Shopify documentation for detailed instructions on creating free shipping rules.

Step 2: In the Eurus Theme settings, find and enable the Free Shipping Bar feature.

Step 3: Specify the amount customers need to reach to qualify for free shipping. Note that if your store uses multiple countries and currencies, ensure the amount matches the one set in your admin. 

  • The amount (e.g., 100) for orders from any country and currency without a specified amount.
  • Currency code:amount (e.g., USD:100) for orders from any country using USD without a specified amount.
  • Country code:currency code:amount (e.g., US:USD:100) for orders from the US with the currency USD.

Step 4: Check the Storefront Display in Minicart, Cart page and Check out page

  • Case 1: When the cart doesn't meet the free shipping threshold, the bar prompts customers to add more items.

  • Case 2: When the cart qualifies for free shipping, showcase how the bar communicates the achievement.