Email signup/Newsletter

by Admin on Apr 11, 2024

1. What is email signup?

The Email signup section is a component designed to capture email subscriptions from visitors. It typically includes a newsletter form where users can enter their email addresses to subscribe to updates or promotions. Additionally, this section may feature added text to provide context or incentive for users to sign up.

2. How to set up the section?

To set up the Email signup section, please follow these steps:

a) Add text blocks:

Heading block: Enter the heading for the email signup section and adjust its size.

Text block: Enter the message users will see below the heading.

Email form block:

  • Customize the text for the subscribe button. The default is "Subscribe".
  • Choose between Small or Large for the width of the email form.

b) General section settings:

  • Optionally upload images for desktop and mobile views.
  • Adjust the opacity of any overlay on the background image.
  • Choose the background color for the section in light or dark mode.