Cart Upsell

by Admin on Feb 28, 2024

1. What is cart upsell?

With Cart Upsell, you have the ability to promote additional products or special offers directly within the shopping cart. This provides a valuable opportunity to showcase complementary items or exclusive promotions to encourage customers to add more to their cart.

Additionally, you can customize the section label, determine the number of products to display, and choose whether to enable it in the minicart or not. This flexibility ensures you can tailor the upsell experience to match your store's unique style and layout, regardless of the minicart design.

2. Ways to show products to cart upsell

a) Default setting:

By default, if no specific setup is configured by the admin, the theme will automatically showcase suggested products in the Cart Upsell section. This feature relies on Shopify's inherent "related products" rule, taking into account the customer's purchase history and product descriptions.

Please check out the Shopify guide for more information: Show related products on product pages

This seamless integration ensures that your Cart Upsell section presents products based on relevant data, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers.

b) Static Product Selection:

If you wish to emphasize particular products, such as bestsellers or featured items, you have the option to manually choose products within the theme settings. Follow these steps:

  • Open the theme settings then navigate to the cart section.
  • In the group config for Cart Upsell, find the option to select products and choose the desired products.
  • Products selected in this section will be set for all products in your cart.

Please note that if you are utilizing a product metafield to add upsell products (as explained in the next section), you should leave this field blank. This customization lets you create a personalized list of products to display prominently in the Cart Upsell section.

c) Advanced Customization with Metafields:

For more advanced customization, enabling you to tailor the Cart Upsell section for each product, you can utilize metafields. Follow the guide below to add metafields:

  • Navigate to your store backend and go to Settings > Custom Data > Metafields > Choose Products to create metafields for your products.
  • Fill in the following information:

- Name: Provide a name for the metafield. This name will be visible in the product detail page in the backend. We recommend using "Cart Upsell" as the name to avoid confusion.
- Namespace and Key: These are identifiers for the metafield in the database and will be used to display upsell products in the frontend. The key must be "cart.upsell" for the metafield to work.
- Description: This field is optional, and you can add text here to describe the purpose of the field.
- Select Type: Choose "Product" and then select "List of Products" to add multiple upsell products.

  • After setting up the metafield, go to each product page in the backend. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Metafield > Cart Upsell. Here, you can select a list of products to be the upsell products.

For instance, if you add products B, C, and D as upsell products for product A, whenever a customer adds product A to the cart, products B, C, and D will appear in the Cart Upsell section.

Note: The three methods follow a priority order, with the third method having the highest priority. If all three are set up in a particular theme version/ product, the third method (metafields) will override the previous ones.

This flexible approach empowers you to effortlessly manage and customize the Cart Upsell section based on your specific marketing and product promotion goals.