by Admin on Mar 13, 2024

1. Adding custom code to <head> tag

Adding custom code to the <head> tag is a feature that allows admin to incorporate additional tracking codes or custom scripts that apply to the entire site. Here's how you can use this feature:

How to Add Custom Code:

  • Navigate to your theme settings.
  • Look for the section “Custom CSS” in the “Advanced” section group.
  • Insert your custom code in the provided space.
  • Placement: The custom code added here will be inserted at the end of the <head> tag in the HTML of your website.

Note: If you are not familiar with technical aspects or coding, and you need assistance with adding custom code, feel free to contact us. Click on this link to create a support ticket. Our team will be happy to help you. 

2. Systems

Changing the preset in Theme Settings => Theme Styles will change the default configs in Theme Settings, potentially losing data that was set up before the switch. 

To retain data in the Header and Footer, follow this logic: After changing the theme style, go back to the Theme Settings => Advanced => System => Selected Preset config to revert to the initial preset and preserve the originally configured data.

Example: Steps to change the theme style without losing data configured in the Header and Footer:

  • Change the theme style from Breeze to Breath.
  • In the selected preset config, choose the Breeze. This ensures that the settings in the Header and Footer are retained from the initial setup in Breeze.