Featured Product

by Admin on Apr 04, 2024

1. What is a featured product?

The Featured Product section is commonly found on the homepage of an online store. Its purpose is to highlight detailed information about a specific product that is either new or particularly noteworthy. This section provides customers with a convenient way to view key details about the product without having to navigate to its individual product page. Customers can often add the featured product to their cart or make a purchase directly from within the section, streamlining the shopping experience. 

2. How to set up the featured product section?

  • Open the Theme editor and navigate to the Template group section. Then, enable the Featured product section.
  • Choose the product to feature in the section. 
  • Adjust the title size, select the heading tag, and decide whether to display the vendor name.
  • Configure how media is displayed. Both setting up media and organizing the blocks in this section are similar to how it's done in the product information section. You can refer to the guide for setting up product information here.