Product specifications

by Admin on Apr 24, 2024

1. What is product specification?

Product specifications refer to detailed information about a product's features, components, measurements, or other relevant details. This comprehensive overview is particularly suitable for products with complex structures or compositions, such as materials, dimensions, nutritional information, or any other relevant metrics. 

These specifications serve as a valuable resource for consumers seeking specific details about a product before making a purchase.

2. How to show product specifications in the table?

a) Using Plain Text:

Within the section, add a "Specs" block.

Configure the following settings in the block:

  • Enter the title for each row of specifications.
  • Enter the specific details or values for each row.
  • The row titles and contents will be displayed in the table format.

This method is suitable for scenarios where multiple products share the same specifications and values.

b) Using Product Metafield Values:

  • Within the section, add a "Product Metafield Values" block.
  • Add a row title for each specification.
  • Add the corresponding metafield values as row content.

This method is applicable when different products have different specifications. Please note that you can use Shopify's bulk update feature in the admin panel to mass update values for this metafield. Additionally, all types of metafields can be used here.

3. How to set up the specifications table?

To set up the specifications table, you can configure the following main settings in the section settings:

a) Heading & Text

  • Enter the title for the specifications table.
  • Adjust the size of the heading text.
  • Choose the appropriate HTML tag for the heading.
  • Align the heading text to the left, center, or right.
  • Add any additional text or descriptions related to the specifications.

b) Optional image

  • Add an image to accompany the specifications table.
  • Customize the image specifically for mobile devices.
  • Choose the style or layout for displaying the image.

c) Layout

  • Specify whether you want the specifications table to have one column or two columns.
  • Adjust the height of the image on desktop devices.
  • Enable or disable the section divider to separate this section visually from others.
  • Set padding to control the spacing around the specifications table.
  • Choose colors in Style settings.

Overall, a well-structured specifications table enhances the understanding of product attributes and aids in facilitating informed purchasing decisions for customers.