by Admin on Apr 11, 2024

1. What is FAQ?

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is dedicated to let merchants provide answers to common questions that users may have about a product, service, or topic. It typically includes a list of questions along with the store owner’s corresponding answers, organized in a clear and user-friendly format. 

The purpose of an FAQ section is to address common inquiries and provide helpful information to users, reducing the need for them to contact customer support or seek answers elsewhere.

2. How to add questions and answers?

In the Theme editor, navigate to Theme sections, select your desired page, and under the "Template" section group, add the FAQ section to your preferred location.

  • Within the FAQ section, click on "Add block" and select an icon to represent your question. Customize styles and icons using the "Custom icon (SVG code)" configuration. If you are not familiar with custom code, feel free to contact us for free support
  • Fill in the question and its corresponding answer.
  • Optionally, add an image and customize the layout as needed in the section settings.
  • By default, there are four FAQs in the section. You can remove or add more blocks using the provided options.
  • Customize the FAQ section's heading, size, alignment, background, desktop layout, collapsible behavior, and more.
  • If desired, show a section divider and adjust the padding at the top and bottom of the FAQ section.

This process allows you to efficiently add, customize, and manage questions and answers within the FAQ section of your website.

3. Does the theme have an FAQ page?

Yes, the theme includes an FAQ page feature. Within the FAQ section, there is a pre-configured link to the FAQ page (optional), typically labeled as "View more". 

The theme also provides pre-made templates for the FAQ page. To create an FAQ page, customers can navigate to the admin Page section, create a new page, and select one of the FAQ templates provided by the theme. This simplifies the process of setting up an FAQ page, allowing users to quickly create and customize it to their needs.

Note: Ensure Eurus is a live theme so you can access the theme's templates. Don't forget to publish the theme before assigning templates.