Recently viewed products

by Admin on Apr 11, 2024

1. What are recently viewed products?

Recently viewed products are a feature that display items that a user has previously looked at during their browsing session. This section benefits your store by enhancing user experience, increasing engagement, and maximizing sales opportunities through personalized recommendations and convenient access to previously viewed items.

2. How to set up recently viewed products?

  • Enter the title for the section, default is "Recently viewed products". Adjust its size.
  • Tick the checkbox “Enable Clear History” to allow users to clear their viewing history manually. 
  • Tick the checkbox “Show Section Divider” to display a divider above this section.
  • Set the maximum number of products to display in the section (2 to 10).
  • Use the setting “Number of Columns on Desktop” to adjust columns displayed (1 to 5) and enable carousel.
  • Select to display vendor name and product rating.
  • In the “Mobile Layout” setting group, you can adjust number of mobile columns (1 or 2) and enable swipe functionality.
  • Adjust top and bottom padding (0 to 100px) at the setting of section padding.

3. Why are there no products shown after I dragged and dropped the section in the page template?

It's likely that there are no products shown in the section because you haven't viewed any products yet. To resolve this, try the following steps:

  • Click on a different product to view it.
  • Return to the section “Recently viewed products” on the previous page
  • The products you just viewed should now appear in the section.

This process ensures that the section displays products based on your browsing history, showing recently viewed items for your convenience.