Product Bundle

by Admin on Feb 05, 2024

1. What is a Product bundle?


Product Bundle is a feature in Eurus Theme allowing you to group and offer multiple products together as a single package. This simplifies the shopping process and provides benefits for both merchants and customers.

Basic Use Cases:

  • Convenient Sets: Bundle products with a common purpose or belonging to the same set, offering customers a convenient one-click purchase for related items.
  • Discounted Groups: Create discounts for a group of products by bundling them together. This strategy encourages customers to buy multiple items, boosting overall sales.
  • B2B Bulk Orders: Ideal for B2B stores, enable bulk purchases by creating bundles. This streamlines the bulk ordering process, catering to wholesale transactions efficiently.

2. How to set up bundles?

    In the Theme editor, navigate to Theme sections, select your desired page, and under the "Template" section group, add the Product Bundle section to your preferred location.

    a) Heading and Button Label:

    With product bundle section of Eurus theme, you can:

    • Add a compelling heading to your bundle, adjusting its size from 50% to 200%.
    • Align the heading as per your preference – left, center, or right.
    • Include descriptive text below the heading to provide additional context.
    • Tailor the "Add to Bundle" button label with the content you desire.

    b) Product Selection for the Bundle:

    • Admin can choose products to display in the bundle. Options include selecting from a collection or hand-picking individual products, whether they belong to a set or complement each other.
    • If you select both individual products and collections, the individually selected products will override any chosen collections.
    • Refer to detailed instructions provided below each configuration option for clarity on selecting collections or products.

    For the checkbox "Each product can be added to bundle once":

    • Yes (Default):  Each product can only be added to the bundle once. If product A has variants B,C,D and E, you can add only 1 variant B or C, D, E,... to the bundle. After adding it, the "Add to bundle" button will be disabled.
    • No: Each product can be added to the bundle multiple times through its variants. For example, if product A has variants B and C, you can add B to the bundle and then add C, D, E, etc. (You cannot add B again; when a customer selects option B, the "Add to bundle" button will be disabled).

    c) Bundle Summary Block:

    • Admin can adjust the desktop summary position (left/right) for optimal visual placement.
    • This bundle block summary will be displayed as a sticky element on mobile devices.
    • You also can input a bundle heading and additional text to provide context and information. After that, choose colors for backgrounds, text, buttons, lines, and borders,... for both light and dark theme mode.

    d) Styles and Layout:

    Adjust layouts for desktop and mobile to make your bundle visually appealing.

    3. How to apply a discount for a bundle?

      a) Set up Discounts in Shopify Admin:

        • Create a discount for 'Amount off products' and select the 'Automatic discount' method. (Product Bundle Section only applies to this Discount type)

        • Apply only one discount per order and avoid combining it with other discounts, regardless of whether they are of the same or different types.
        • For config 'Applies to': Select the products or collections to which you want to apply the discount in the product bundle.

        b) Set up in Product Bundle Section:

          • Ensure that the products/collection listed in the Product bundle section are included in the 'Applies to' list of items in the Shopify discount rule.

          • Adjust the minimum number of items required in the bundle to qualify for discounts, ranging from 2 to 12.
          • Ensure that all discount configurations, such as discount value and type, match those set in the Discount rule under Admin > Discounts > Amount off products. Any discrepancy may cause confusion among customers.

          • In Config Discount value of Discount type, there are 2 cases: For percentage, decimal numbers are not allowed; only positive integers are allowed; For Fixed amount, both decimal and non-decimal numbers are accepted. In both cases, the value must be greater than 0.
          • Configure the discount setup to align with the "Only apply discount once per order" setting in the preferred discount rule in the admin. If disabled, the discount amount will be deducted from each eligible item in the order - same logic as admin Discount section.

          4. Limitations

            When setting up, store owners must ensure that the products or collections listed in the Product bundle section are included in the 'Applies to' list of items in the Shopify discount rule.

            Verify that the Config “Discount value” of the “Discount type” is accurately entered in the admin. Please note that the discount in the product bundle section won't apply automatically; it merely displays the discounted price for multiple products simultaneously, without going to the cart page.