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Announcement Bar

by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

1. What is the announcement bar?

The announcement bar serves as a prominent space at the top of a website, delivering crucial messages, promotions, or time-sensitive information to visitors. Its purpose is to capture immediate attention and effectively communicate important updates or offers.

2. Section settings : 

Auto-switch announcements : The announcement read time can be set between 2 and 10 seconds and the announcements will rotate. Note that this setting only works when you set multiple announcements.

Show country/language selector : This will display dropdown boxes of country/language selector as you setup in Admin > Markets and Admin > Languages.

Show social media : To display social icons on announcement bar, you need to setup social media on Theme Settings. 

Color: You can change background color and text color ( including announcement contents, country/language selector, social icons).

2. Announcement block : 

“Announcement” blocks representing each announcement content in the main section, with the following settings: 

 Content: You can customize text to display on announcement bar, and put link to navigate to any page. If you choose option" Open link in the new window", you can open the page in the new window.

Button: Select any type of button and customize button label. 

Countdown timer: "Show countdown timer" checkbox must be ticked to display countdown timer. You can set End date / End time as you want. If you leave these fields blank, end time will be 23:59:59 of current date.

Coupon code: "Show coupon code" checkbox must be ticked to display the coupon code. You can setup the code as your requirement in the code box. 

Color: You can change colors of button, link, countdown timer and coupon code.