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Collection banner

by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

The section has both the Show featured image of collection and Show collection title options checked. In order for all the necessary information to show up you will need to set a Title, a Description and a Collection image for each of your Collections. You can do that from the Collections menu under Products in your Shopify Admin.

Section settings

Show featured image of collection Used to show collection image
Image opacity Set the opacity of image
Image width Choose option for image width ( Boxed width/ Full width)
Collection title
Show collection title Used to show collection title
Position Adjust the position of collection title
Size Adjust collection title size
Color Change color collection title
Show description Used to show description of collection
Content alignment Change the alignment of description
Layout ( Desktop/Mobile)
Image height Select height option:
*Use image of the first slide
*Fixed height
*Full screen
Fixed height Adjust image height for each device:
*Desktop : 300px - 800px
*Mobile : 200px - 500px
Padding ( Top/Bottom) Adjust the padding on top of the section (range from 0 to 100 px).