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Color swatches

by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

Color swatches allow you to display actual colors instead of color names on product options.

Enable color swatches: Activates color swatches on the Featured product section, Featured collection section, Product section ( on the product page ), and Product grid section ( on the collection page ).

Swatch icon shape: Used to change shape of swatch icon 

  • Circle 
  • Square

    To define color for a variant option , you need to follow these steps: 

    Fill option name ( accepted in different languages) : For example : Color, Colour, Couleur,...

    The next step is to define color list that you use for variants . Follow the format 'color name:color code'. Note that  up to 3 color codes can be used to define a color

    • White:#FFF
    • Dark sage:#556B2F
    • Teal:#31906E
    • Red Blue Stripes:#e22#22e#22ee