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by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

The slideshow section is a powerful section that gives you the ability to showcase any kind of content in a slideshow format.


Section settings

Layout ( Desktop/Mobile)
Image height Select height option:
*Use image of the first slide
*Fixed height
*Full screen
Fixed height Adjust image height for each device:
*Desktop : 400px - 900px
*Mobile : 250px - 500px
Padding ( Top/Bottom) Adjust the padding on top of the section (range from 0 to 100 px).
Section width Choose option for section width ( Boxed width/ Full width)
Auto play slides Setup autoplay for slideshow
Change slide every Adjust time to change slides ( from 2s-10s)
Pagination position Change position of loading dots ( Left,Center,Right)
Show next/ previous buttons Enable next/previous button, only applied to desktop
Slide transition effect Select slide effect ( Slide / Fade)
Icon Next/previous icons
Icon frame Background of next/previous icons
Filled dot Color of pagination when running a slide


Slide block settings

Image Select image of slide ( For both desktop and mobile)
Mobile image (optional) Select image for mobile only
Image opacity Set the opacity of image
Heading Enter the heading of slide
Heading size Adjust the size of the heading (range from 50-200%).
Subheading Enter the subheading of slide
Text Enter the content of slide
Content position Position of heading, subheading, text and buttons
Content alignment (Desktop/Mobile) Alignment of heading,subheading and text
Button type Select type of button ( Button,Link,None)
Button label Enter label of button
Button link link of the page
Text Color of subheading, heading, text
Button Button background color
Button label Button label color