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by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

1. Color settings:

 The colors are divided in 5 main groups:

General: Including all general theme colors , such as : Back ground, lines, borders, headings, body text, icons.

Buttons: Used for all button colors, including primary and secondary buttons.

Header: Used to change header or navigation background color, text and cart dot.

Product: Used for price , labels, rating stars and stock colors.

2. Typography:

With Ironworks, you have total control over the typography of your store. You can set one font for your headings and one font for any other typographic elements like body text.


  • Font : Select your font for headings.
  • Size : Starting at 50% you can increase the headings’ scale up to 200%.


  • Font : Select your font for body text.
  • Size : Starting at 50% you can increase the headings’ scale up to 200%

3. Animation:

The "Enable image zoom when hover" setting is applied for sections such as Featured collection, blog posts, collection list,...