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Product cards

by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

1. Image

Image ratio: Image ratio can be adjusted from the available options, including Natural (original ratio), Square (1:1), Standard (4:3), Classic (3:2), and Wide (16:9), to customize the visual presentation of your product images.

Natural (original ratio)

Square (1:1)


Standard (4:3)

Classic (3:2)

Wide (16:9)

2. Vendor

This setting will display vendor name as product information

3. Inventory

Show product inventory:

  • If product is available, then status is In stock.

  • If product is sold out, then status is Sold out.

  • If product is sold out, but has the "Continue selling when out of stock" , then status is Restock incoming.

    Show available product stock: Shows number of available products with stock status . Eg: In stock (96 units). The "Show product inventory" setting must be selected to display this setting.

    Low inventory threshold: When the number is below the threshold, the inventory quantity will be shown in red. Eg: Only 20 units left.

    4. Quick buy

    This setting will show an Add to cart button on your product card.

    5. Product label

    Show product label: Used to display product label with the discount amount type as selected in Show discount label as

    To display custom label, you need to follow these steps: 

    • Fill custom label name in setting below 

    • Setup conditions for products to display custom labels, they can be in collections , having tags, or created within days.