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by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

1. Cart type

Drawer: Same as Mini cart , only display when customers click on Add to cart button

Page: Whenever customer clicks on Add to cart button or Cart icon on header , it will go to the Cart page.

2. Empty button

This button is only displayed when the cart is empty.

Empty button link: Used to redirect customers to a page as attached link.

Empty button text: Used to customize button label . If you leave this field blank , the button will not be displayed.

3. Checkout button

If the cart type is cart drawer, the checkout can be shown when you select Show checkout button.

4. How to show the discount code field on the mini cart & cart page?

Give customers the option to enter their discount code upfront, so they can enjoy their savings instantly – no need to wait until checkout!

In Theme setting > Cart > tick the box “Enable discount code field to enable this feature.