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by Admin on Jun 16, 2024

This section shows newsletter form with added text.

Section settings

Section width Choose option for section width ( Boxed width/ Full width)
Heading Enter the heading of section
Heading size Adjust the size of the heading (range from 50-200%).
Text Enter the message that customers will see under the heading.
Text size Adjust the size of text (range from 50-200%).
Content alignment The alignment of Heading and text
Content position (desktop) Change position between content and the mail box
Background image
Image Select background image
Image opacity Set the opacity of image
Section padding ( Desktop/Mobile)
Top Adjust the padding on top of the section (range from 0 to 100 px).
Bottom Adjust the padding at the bottom of the section (range from 0 to 100 px).
Background Background color of section ( Not change if background image is selected)
Text Color of heading and text