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by Admin on Jun 20, 2024

Our app does not only support redirecting customers to the WhatsApp conversation with you, but we also provide you with the ability to create multiple FAQ to resolve customers’ common issues in no time.

  • The pre-condition for FAQ to be displayed is the enabled chat widget. You will receive a warning message if the condition is not met. 
  • All FAQ are organized into FAQ categories. You can add new categories by clicking on the button Add category. A pop-up will be displayed to let you input the name, icon and visibility for this category. 
  • You also have the option to highlight this category, which is to show this category on the homepage of the Chat widget. If not, this category is only displayed on the homepage when there are no featured categories at all. If there is at least another highlighted category, this category is only shown when your customers choose to view all categories.
  • You can add a new FAQ under each category by clicking on the button “Add FAQ”. A pop-up will be displayed to let you input the question and answer. The FAQ category field is locked until you save the FAQ and can be edited later.  
  • You can edit, delete, drag and drop categories and FAQ. Please note that FAQ are draggable between categories when they are expanded.
  • You can expand all or collapse all FAQ.